A Quick Note on Fast Fashion

A couple of days ago I finished watching The True Cost. If you haven’t seen it I HIGHLY recommend it. Fast fashion, for those who don’t know, is the large clothing cooperations using sweatshops to produce their clothing. It has changed the fashion world from having 4 seasons into 52 seasons. When stores like H&M and Gap come out with new items constantly, its ensuring we always feel behind when it comes to trendy styles. We will always feel the need to buy new, buy more than we had before. They can make it dirt cheap in places like Bangladesh where factories can employ people for $31 a month. Thousands of people die every year at the factories from buildings collapsing and fires, so that they can make my $5 tee-shirt that I will wear maybe 10 times and never look at again. These people, mostly women, risk their lives to work for maybe a dollar a day. What gets put in my bank account after working for 2 weeks is more than they make in a whole year. A WHOLE YEAR! And that is if they survive.

I cried at work today, I cried for the past 3 days. These clothes I’m wearing now, the person that made them is either suffering or dead. It breaks my heart to know that this is happening. This fast fashion type thinking has really only been happening, and rapidly growing since the 1950s. 60-some-odd years of this happening, and not enough people have questioned it or tried to change things. These are humans that we treat like machines. The women who is in Bangladesh making Walmart clothing is just as loved, valued, and sought after by God as I am. She is just as much of a daughter of the King as I am here in Canada. I need to do my part to protect my fellow warrior princesses (as my woven women would call us) because they matter just as much as I do.550afb91d20d4f7cf116acf6a2c0b07c



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