Thoughts from 19 year old me

“December 1st 2013,

Without God, everything is meaningless.

Today at 24/7 Church, Kip spoke about…. well…. I don’t remember exactly, but I do remember him talking about how history repeats itself. Which is interesting because that is what I talked about last time I wrote in here. He talked about material things never satisfy us. He said we get a haircut and 2 weeks later we need another one. Or the grass keeps growing. He also talked about a dude in the bible that searched everywhere for earthly satisfaction (this was King Solomon), and he found it nowhere. Not in any of the women he was with, not in anything he bought or owned. He would decorate them with gardens, and still wasn’t satisfied.

We as humans are driven by satisfaction. We are taught that when you work hard to make the money to buy the house, and the car, and marry the beautiful girl or handsome man, buy all the christmas gifts, and all that… we will be satisfied. And we are, for a moment. Eventually, we start to wonder if this is all there is to life, then go to search for the next earthly thing to satisfy us. That seems like an exhausting way to live.

I know the only way to be truly satisfied is to be with Jesus. To strive to live the way He lives. To have a strong faith and relationship with God is so important because He is the only one who can satisfy my heart and my needs completely. It is important to strive for that.”

–  Thoughts from 19 year old me



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